Valentina Kuprina
Artist, educator and a member of KHVC.
Born 1956 in Moscow, grew up in New York. Living in Stockholm since 1991.
Devoted herself to silk painting in 1996.
Source of inspiration – the 11'th century in Scandinavia.

Exhibitions in recent years:
2009 Gallery Skarpan, Åland
2009 Gallery Hantverket, Stockholm
2008 American Embassy, Stockholm
2007-2008 Sigtuna Museum
2007 Gamla Rådhuset, Södertälje
2006 Gallery Stenhuset, Västmanland
2006 Gallery Magnifiket, Linköping
2005 Gallery Embla, Stockholm
2004 Lödöse Museum, Västergötland
2003 Gallery Vita Huset, Mariefred
2003 Köpings museum, Västmanland
2002 Norden i Fokus, Stockholm
2002 Gallery Embla, Stockholm
2001 Voksenåsen, Oslo, Norway
2001 Scandi-Fest, Turlock, California
2000-2001 The exhibition in Manx Museum, the Isle of Man, Great Britain
2000 Lidingö Town Hall
2000 Ålands Museum, Mariehamn, Finland. Nordic Culturecenter
1999 Malms House of Culture, Helsinki, Finland. Arranged by Hässelby Castle
1999 Sigtuna Museum
1998 Gallery Vår gård, Saltsjöbaden; Hässelby castle; Volvo Showroom, Stockholm
1996-97 Maria Gallery, Stockholm; Riksbanken (central bank of Sweden), Stockholm

Art purchased by inter alia:
Manx National Heritage, the Isle of Man
Swedish Department of Defence
Hässelby castle, the Nordic capitals cultural centre
Sigtuna museums
Köpings and Lödöse museums
Voksenåsen, Norway
Västerås Cathedral Congregation
The art collection Vår gård, Saltsjöbaden

For many years worked with stores at:
The National Museum
Sigtuna museum

Support from the foundation Hässelby Slott, Nordiskt Kulturcentrum with the traveling exhibition "Sten och Siden" ("Stone and Silk") in Scandinavia.