Welcome to my homepage

My name is Valentina Kuprina. I am a professional artist and since 1995 I've been working with silkpainting in a historical perspective - the 11'th century in Scandinavia.

The rune stone inscriptions graphic design is the inspiration source of my creations. I use the old rune stones graphic fantasies on silk and leave vivid colours to reinforce the impression of them. Animals, birds and human figures move over the surfaces of my paintings, together with the runic writings. I fill my paintings with both patterns, colours and excitement.

This "collaboration" with the rune carvers gives their work a whole new place in the modern interior - it is percieved as contemporary art.

Sweden is unique when in comes to rune stones, but the interest in these appears to be greater outside the country, considering that my works have been presented and highlighted at shows all around the world, in countries like the US, Isle of Man, Norway, Finland and Russia.

Pictures of past exhibitions